We provide our team members with training so they can thrive.

Our cleaning services at Iconic Facility come second to none. We have a wide range of services to suit your sort of preference. Whether it is your warehouse, office, home, hotel room, or any other place, we strive to make sure we get just the kind of services you require in this regard. In most of our service offerings, we try to customize the delivery process to suit every customer’s specific requirements and needs. Here now are some more details about the services we have in our portfolio.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If you need cleaning services for your workplace, we are the solution that you have long been waiting for during this time. We do small tasks with precision to make sure we leave your place sparkling. If you have noticed a lot of clutter and dirt in the workplace do not worry, we will fix that in no time. Sometimes your employees might be too busy to realize that the place is getting worse. We make things easier for you as we come in to handle the commercial cleaning whereas your employees focus on what matters the most-the job.

We have a team of experts that is guaranteed to offer you the best. At Iconic Facility we focus a lot on training and development so that our team is comprised of people who truly understand the dynamics of their jobs.
Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you have a team that will transform your workplace and restore the image that you have always been craving for. Other than cleaning services, the team we will send to you will take care of your garbage, bathrooms, and other sensitive areas within the workplace.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Just like the case is with commercial cleaning, we guarantee you the highest quality cleaning services when it comes to your apartment. Since we know matters relating to your home might be quite sensitive, we try to come up with a schedule that will be most ideal for you and our experts from Iconic Facility. In that regard, we offer this category of cleaning services on weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis.

In this arrangement, we strive to schedule any recurring bookings so as to make things easier for both parties. If you happen to change your schedule, there is no need to worry since we can always alter our schedule to make sure we are serving you in the most effective way. Just call us any time you have other matters to attend to and we will oblige to change our schedule as well since we believe that the customer is the king in the business arrangement.

Once you call our offices, our customer service team will attend to you andcollect relevant details. We will need you to furnish us with your address details, what sort of cleaning services you need, the date and time that is most appropriate for you, and other relevant details. From there, our representative will give you a quote specifying the services we offer and the amount you will have to pay. With that agreement in place, everything will flow seamlessly.

When you have all the details provided, we shall send an experienced and fully equipped housekeeping professional to come and take care of your apartment.

Special Cleaning Services

At Iconic Facility we also offer specialized cleaning services as per customer specifications. We understand that not all customers just need the basic range of services we offer. There are others who are well versed in these services and have the ability to specify exactly what they want to be done. If you are that kind of a customer, we are here to serve you at all times. Our range of special cleaning services comes second to none. This is because we know that we can only thrive by offer the most impeccable cleaning services.

So, if you are out there and are in need of flood damage cleaning, infected area cleaning, new building cleaning, or suchlike services, feel free to contact our offices. For every request you make for specialized services, we strive to find the most ideal fit for a professional. In that case, you can be sure that the person we will send to you will be able to offer you just the sort of services you require.

Essentially, rescheduling services, contacting a professional, and tipping are just a phone away. We are always glad to have you as our customer.